Relocation Contracts FAQ

Is there a standard type of contract in the UK?

The most common type of rental contract in the UK is an Assured Shorthold Tenancy, otherwise referred to as an AST. 

What is the standard length of a contract?

12 months is usually the starting point for negotiations; however, you can often be expected to sign a longer contract of 18, 24 or 36 months.

Can I break my contract early if I need to?

Breaking a contract early is only possible if a break clause has been agreed in advance; otherwise, you are contracted to stay until the end of the agreed term. There are exceptions to this rule, so contacting your Adleo consultant for advice before taking any action is recommended. 

How much notice do I have to give if I am breaking my contract?

For the standard AST, the required notice period is typically 2 months.

Can I break my contract after 6 months?

A tenancy will be set for a mutually agreed fixed-term period. Breaking the contract prior to the end of the fixed term is only possible if a break clause has been agreed in advance. 

Can I extend my contract if I need to?

Extending your contract beyond the initial fixed term is usually possible in most instances.

Whose names go on the lease?

The lease is typically under the name of a lead tenant or your employer’s company. However, all people over the age of 18 residing in the property must be named on the lease.

Who chooses the type of lease?

The lease type is mutually agreed upon by you and the landlord. However, it’s typically derived from an AST template.

Are the terms of the lease negotiable?

Some lease terms like rental amount, lease length, break clause, and special conditions can be negotiated with the landlord.

What are special conditions?

Special conditions refer to factors outside the main lease terms, such as a pre-tenancy professional cleaning, property repairs, or adding/removing items of furniture.

Why are there clauses in the contract that have no relevance to the property?

Most agents use a generic lease agreement to cover every eventuality.

Is the landlord’s written permission needed to put up pictures?

Before hanging pictures, it may be necessary to obtain your landlord’s permission.

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