Pet Relocation Services

The pets of your employees should be treated as an extension of their family. If an employee is relocating for work, they will likely be concerned whether their pet is able to come with them and this can be a deal breaker for many. Our expert pet relocation services mean that animals can travel safely and comfortably door-to-door, anywhere in the world. We offer cost-effective pet relocation and a personal and attentive service that caters for all kinds of pets and requirements.

Adleo can provide the following pet relocation services:

  • Collection of pets
  • Customs clearance
  • Arrangement of transport, including flights if required
  • Keeping pets comfortable
  • Vaccinations and microchips

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There are lots of factors to consider when moving a pet and animal welfare must always come first. From hamsters to horses, your employees will expect the highest standards of care for their pets when relocating and you will want to be certain that you are trusting the right people. Adleo entrusts pet relocation services to industry-leading pet relocation agents. We work only with agents who have years of experience and handle animals carefully to give peace of mind to both you and your employees, allowing them to concentrate on their job role and settling-in to their new environment.

What Is Involved When A Pet Is Relocated?

Pet relocation can be a lengthy process, particularly alongside other aspects of a corporate relocation like home finding and a school search. The process can start long before your employee’s pet is physically transported, with the veterinary procedures that may be necessary as some countries will require the pet to have specific vaccinations and microchips as a condition of entry. 

The nominated pet relocation agent will be in touch with your employee through every step of the process and oversee the movement of the pet between places by booking suitable transport. They will make sure that there are adequate facilities to keep the pet comfortable when on the move. Finally, pet relocation services oversee all of the legal aspects involved in relocating your employee’s pet, including customs clearance, reviewing import and export documents and advising on any additional insurance requirements.

Why Choose Adleo’s Pet Relocation Services?

Adleo works with pet relocation experts that are familiar with all pet breeds and dietary requirements. We are able to cater for unique needs, no matter what kind of pets your employees have. 

By providing your employees with high-quality pet relocation services from Adleo, you can ensure that your employee feels comfortable and relaxed about the prospect of moving their pet nationally or internationally. This will give them the time required to undertake essential language and culture training which can also be provided by Adleo and ensures that your employee will quickly be able to adapt to the requirements of their role in a new location.

Haseeb Shahid
Haseeb Shahid
Pippa and Mihaela made relocating to the UK from the US very smooth! They helped find flats, register for GPs, and teach me the neighborhood I'm moving into.
Divyansh Rastogi
Divyansh Rastogi
Extremely professional, proactive and accomodating!
Dan Berry
Dan Berry
Klippa made my move so simple! A huge thanks to Pippa, James and the rest of the team for all of their expertise and help.
Mary van Mil
Mary van Mil
Hele goede service. Geen moeite is te veel. Vriendelijk team.
Zeyad Abuamer
Zeyad Abuamer
Highly recommend. I was personally assisted by Pippa and she has been very helpful in every way.
Odselmaa Dorjsuren
Odselmaa Dorjsuren
Amazing people and great service! I actually had a lot of concerns about moving to different country, they made it so much easier for me. Thanks Klippa!
Rebecca Barkaway
Rebecca Barkaway
5* service provided by Klippa. Thank you so much for all your invaluable advice and assistance over the last few months.
Boyu Liu
Boyu Liu
The advisors and specialists have been very kind and helpful! They provide great suggestions and guidance on the process from finding a flat to settling down an agreement. Really appreciate their help!

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